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When We Talk About Hosting Solutions It's All About Management

Who’s going to manage your website and your website hosting? It’s like an office building. Your address is your domain, your website is the building and the offices, and your hosting is the building property. To guard your building and your offices, you’re going to need great security and security protocols.    <  Click the arrow to the right to move forward.  >

There Are Two Sides of Protection Related To Your Website

There’s the hardware side and the software side. Please flip through this very short slideshow so we can explain how we are prepared to protect your website from malicious malware.    <  Click the arrow to the right to move forward.  >

There is the hardware side.

The computers and networks that make it possible for people to access your website and for data to be exchanged across the Internet. This is what is protected within a VPS and fully managed IT team.    <  Click the arrow to the right to move forward.  >

There is the software side.

We use WordPress as our software platform because of its design capabilities, its compatibility with search engines, and its ease of use. We also install certain software plugins that increase the functionality “bells and whistles” of your website. We only use supported themes and plugins to give us an added level of security against malware. The theme will use, DIVI, is a very robust theme on its own, which eliminates using lots of additional plugins.    <  Click the arrow to the right to move forward.  >

Keep Your Website Up-To-Date

One of the best ways of avoiding malware on your website is by keeping your website software up to date ALL THE TIME. We have instituted routines and automation to facilitate this task for you. This too is not a foolproof measure to ensure against hackers.   <  Click the arrow to the right to move forward.  >

Additional Security Guards

To protect your website, even more, we have installed SiteLock on each cPanel. This program will scan your website looking for any unusual activity and alert the administrator and actually eliminate it automatically. While Sitelock can handle most attacks, there are still malicious intrusions that “sneak under the radar” and cause all kinds of problems.   <  Click the arrow to the right to move forward.  >

Our Own Team of Hackers

As our last resort, we have employed our own hackers and programmers that seek out malicious content and remove it from our clients’ websites. They also take steps in correcting any search engine alerts, false descriptions, or bad links pertaining to website domain names related to a hack.   <  Click the arrow to the right to move forward.  >

Off-line Backup

As the last line of defense, if we can’t find the problem, we have created routine backups of your website which we keep on hard drives at our facility. This has been invaluable to clients needing a quick restore back to normalcy. Backups are dependent on how often you make updates to your site. If you make updates daily, weekly, monthly, or once in a while, we have to coordinate our backup schedule to your activities. If you are hacked, a quick restore from a clean backup can save time and a lot of anxiety.   <  Click the arrow to the right to move forward.  >

In The End

It is our objective to design and manage your website presence without incidence. However, it is likely that we will need to employ all of these measures at some point in our relationship. We have spent A LOT of time looking at the variables and these measures make up our current hosting system based on what we’ve experienced lately.


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  • 24/7 phone support through Godaddy/Brainstorm Reseller (480) 624-2500
  • (Brainstorm Representative) We are available from 8a-6p EST Monday – Saturday to respond and/or mediate.
  • User-friendly control panel featuring cPanel24/7 monitoring – hardware (not your website)
  • Guaranteed Security – on network hardware (not your website)
  • Software – full network scanned for vulnerability but not your individual site
  • cPanel – used by solepreneurs to Fortune 100 companies
  • Guaranteed 99.9% network/server uptime (this does not include your site)
  • 240 gigabytes of space, unlimited bandwidth, and 8 gigabytes of RAM on a Virtual Private Server (fully managed)

About WordPress

(We Use This Platform Exclusively)

There are about 50,000 WordPress sites launched daily. It’s ease of use, the flexibility of design and functionality, along with endless plugin support, make WordPress an invaluable tool for small business owners and professionals needing to have a presence on the web.

With WordPress’s popularity comes vulnerabilities. Computer software hackers prey on the masses by installing malicious software and “bots” that seek out ways of access and carry out tasks that hide links and viruses on unsuspecting websites and cause needless havoc and disruption. Like Microsoft, WordPress’s popularity has made them a target for these activities.

To protect your website(s) against most of these attacks, a constant routine must be followed. This in no way guarantees that you will not be infected with malware. These are best practices to stave off an attack.


If anything is out of date (themes, WordPress, plugins) you are susceptible to malware. A software-related breach and not a hosting/hardware breach.

Spend a few minutes every week on the dashboard of your website updating any new versions of software that are available. These updates continue critical security updates to prevent malware.

Additional Security Measures:

  • No unnecessary plugins and themes
  • Routine site backups
  • Routine updates to (theme, WordPress, plugins)
  • Software security warnings
  • Software security quarantine and elimination

Site Visitor Security

SSL certificates: (https:// instead of http://) (protects information submitted on your site) Website Software Security Companies:

Think of your website as a child.


A child takes constant monitoring, care, and preventive measures against harm. You can install safety measures, follow prescribed health care activities, and give them constant attention. This does not guarantee your child will never get sick. If they do contract an illness, they are easily treated, in most cases. Some diseases take more drastic measures and longer rehabilitation time, but in time, they hopefully return to good health.

We have a new system for complete website care.

If you have questions about any or all features below, let's talk.
Let's Talk

We host your website on a VPS (Virtual Private Server). It’s far less congested than standard shared hosting plans. A VPS is also far more controlled and fully managed by a team of IT professionals and an arsenal of protection.

This solution has many benefits apart from being fully managed. It also will increase website load speed in most cases, provide more than enough bandwidth for all levels of web traffic, and each website will have its own cPanel for ultimate control. Each cPanel has added website malware protection. (These measures do not guarantee your website will not see any malicious attacks by hackers, it only scans your website for any unusual activity and notifies you and/or us, eliminates the encroaching files.)

We are available from 8a-6p EST Monday – Saturday to respond and/or mediate.


Weekly Monitoring

We have instituted a weekly monitoring and updating system that will look for anything out of date and update it.

Extra Security Measures

We have installed several security measures on each site. This service looks for any unusual activity on your website and quarantines it and removes it automatically. Some vulnerabilities “fly under the radar” and are missed. Step Four handles this scenario.

Site Repair

If we suspect a website has been compromised, we have a team that will locate the issue and eliminate it – usually within 24hours. If there are additional measures that need to take place, like notifying Google of the corrections, that will be handled as well on your behalf.

Routine Backups

We make routine backups of your site and store them off-line for situations where a clean site install is the best form of action. The backup schedule will be based on how often you make changes to your website.


If we cannot restore your website, we will redesign the site based on the latest version.

Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance – changes in content on current pages will be performed on-call. This includes uploading up to 30 images in photo galleries.



We are Godaddy Resellers and Can Setup Your Hosting On A Shared Hosting Plan for as Little as $7.99/mth

You would be responsible for any changes, any interruptions, or any tech support related to the site/account. Godaddy provides awesome customer service, however, it does not include helping you with anything related to your website “software” only hardware and perhaps connectivity issues that are Godaddy’s fault.


We host your website on our VPS (Virtual Private Server)
with added security measures

$29.99 per month due on the 1st of each month on automatic credit card withdrawal.



malware support on a per case basis $70/per case
Off-Line Backups $70/per backup

$39.99 per month due on the 1st of each month on automatic credit card withdrawal.



Additional Backups $50/per backup

$49.99 per month due on the 1st of each month on automatic credit card withdrawal.




$150 per month due on the 1st of each month on automatic credit card withdrawal.



$175 per month due on the 1st of each month on automatic credit card withdrawal.
Graduate to weekly website backups for $18 extra per month.



Weekly Site Backup
$1,300yr or $25/wk
Monthly Site Backup
$420yr or $35/mth
Qtrly Site Backup
$160yr or 40/qtr
Semi-Annual – $100yr
Per Request – $70/case

To develop this pricing structure we looked at many factors and tested this system for months to determine a fair and value driven solution to an ever growing problem in website management and maintenance.

THESE OPTIONS DO NOT INCLUDE: email management, website development outside of maintenance, social media or other digital marketing services. For packages that include additional services, please contact us @ (865) 388-5995.