Let’s start with a website design concept

Sample 2 Organized

Let’s select a color palette that compliments your brand and heightens the user experience.

Adobe Color

We can help with choosing a complementary palette. But if you want to sample colors on your own, you can use this helpful site by Adobe. Visit color.adobe.com  go to “explore”. Don’t get too engrossed in color combinations. This site can be a bit overwhelming if you have trouble making decisions.


Let’s select the font style for your site.

Google / Divi Theme Fonts

We can help you choose a font combination for your website. Again, if you want to look at font styles on your own, we recommend going to fonts.google.com. This tool will give you thousands of choices and we don’t recommend getting too crazy with your fonts. After all, people have to read your content. We only share these options because we want you to feel well informed about your website decisions.


It’s time to gather and create your content.

Content Is King

This is by far the most important part of your site. We need as much help as you can give us to gather and create your website content. Content explains why people should do business with you. You have to convince them through your content that you understand their problems and have the BEST solution to fix their problem, or at least lessen their pain. What’s your purple cow?


Your call to action. Your contact information, links, resources, downloadables, etc.
Visuals. Your pictures, brochures, ebooks, videos, any illustrations you have that describe complex systems, etc.

Let’s put the whole thing together

Website development & testing

We gather all the content we have and develop new content and construct the layout of the site. Adding all page content, graphics, links and organizing the pages in an easy to navigate format. Keep in mind, much of the activity on websites is trending toward mobile. This means we need to make sure the final design is easy to navigate on mobile devices as well as desktops.

Now that everything is working it’s time to lauch

Website Hosting and Maintenance

After we’ve tested the whole site and everything is working properly it’s time to launch the site. Sometimes we work from the live domain through the whole process. Sometimes, especially with existing website makeovers, we create the site on a temporary domain and then transfer the finished site to the live domain once everything is approved.  MORE ON WEBSITE HOSTING AND MAINTENANCE

It’s time to promote and celebrate


Marketing and Exposure

The first step to marketing a new site is exposing it to as many people as possible within a relatively short period of time.

The more people you expose your website to, the more opportunities you’ll have to engage with your audience and start building long-term relationships. Measure how effective your content, offers, and opportunities are. You never have to do everything on your own, we can help you every step of the way.