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What do you want to do with your website?
Do you want to start off with a basic website and build it up over time?
Do you have specific ideas and examples to work from?
Do you need me to help you with domain names, hosting, online marketing, integrations with other programs and websites, or do you just need help with the website design?


Here’s a list of things we’ll need for your website?

Domain name: Every website has to have a unique domain name reserved through a registrar. There is an annual charge to keep your domain name active and registered to you. There are several popular domain registrars online. I am a Godaddy reseller and I can set you up an account and help you choose a domain name to use with your website if you don’t have one already. Domains are usually about $12 a year. If you want to search available names, you can do it here

Keyword strategy: It’s important to have a short list of keywords you want search engines to use to find your website. It is not mandatory but recommended this list be unique to your business and products. The more unique your keywords, the more chances you have for showing up in the organic search of Google and other search engines.

Page content: Each page needs supporting content to give visitors a complete understanding of Who you are – What you do – Why they should work with you – How they should work with you – and when is the optimal time to start. Page content incorporates your keyword strategy. Page content can be words, images, video, audio, bullet points, slide desks, downloadables, etc.

Email marketing integration – if available: Email marketing is the best and cheapest way to reach your audience. It is very easy to integrate an email form on your website. I can help you develop an email strategy to communicate with your subscriber list.

Social media links – if available:  Social media is an intricate part of your online marketing strategy. It is not necessary to have a social presence to have a website, but it should be part of your strategy soon after. I can help you develop a social media strategy to communicate with your fans.

Photographic or graphics:  Photos tell a story and support your content. Photos are critical to any web presence. If you do not have any photos, I can make recommendations on how to take them. I can also use photos and graphics from my stock library collections to give your website a professional and complete look.

Video links – if available:  Video is quickly becoming as critical as photos for website content. Video can explain complicated processes much easier than photos and content. But when you combine them all, it’s a home run. We don’t have to start with video, just consider exchanging parts of your site over time that make the most sense as a video. Instead of streaming videos from your website, we embed them from sites like Youtube and Vimeo. This makes the playback much smoother.

Contact information for the site: Contact information is critical for directing people how to interact with you. Contact information includes addresses, phone numbers, directory links, email addresses, forms, and more. If you need me to help you set up an email address, I can.

Website Hosting: I have a whole page dedicated to website hosting options and education.