Your “About Us” page is key to letting visitors know about you. This may sound “Duh”, but it’s the information you include, the way you say it, and the language you use that sets a tone/personality for your business and the relationship you share with visitors.

Your About Us page is an opportunity to start a conversation, not close the sale.

Visitors don’t know you. They may have been referred to you by a trusted advisor, or just stumbled upon you by a twist of fate. You have very little time to make a connection. Your content needs to be engaging and interesting to the reader.

Think of it as a blind date. They may be anxious, excited, apprehensive, on guard, and skeptical about you. Your “About Us” page should help ease their mind, some. It’s about getting to know you better. Think of your About Us Page/Business as a person, with looks, personality, skills, ethics, and vision.

What Your About Us Page Is NOT

  • It’s not a resume
  • It’s not just a list of projects
  • It’s not a presentation on “ME!”
  • It’s not a bullet-pointed list of the services you provide and how long you’ve provided them
  • It’s not an incredibly boring history lesson on the combined 200yrs experience of your staff

What Should Your “About Us” Page Contain:

  • Sincere language
  • Personal commitment
  • Core beliefs
  • Core benefit’s oriented
  • Storytelling format
  • Organized for easy scanning
  • Concise but not short (about 700 words)
  • Short sentences – no industry jargon
  • Broken down into 3 to 4 sentence paragraphs
  • Links to the subject matter in the content
  • Badges of Accomplishment
  • Short videos or video links to more stories
  • Personal Photos with links to more photos
  • Call to actions (what to do next, take a test drive, see us in action, get something valuable for nothing, turn the page, visit us on social media, sign up for our free monthly news brief-with samples of news briefs)